TutuApp VIP For iOS, Android & PC Download | Install TutuApp VIP & Tutu Helper

Download TutuApp: TutuApp is a third-party application which is used to install the third-party apps on your Android and iOS devices. In other words, it is itself an app store but the one that hosts the third-party apps. This marketplace allows the users to download those apps, which they cannot find on their official store, such as screen recording apps.

Our official stores do not permit some of the utilities for reasons of their own. Tutu App thus comes to our rescue and lets us get just about any app we want. It also has tweaked version of the regular apps we use, such as WhatsApp. You can also download hacked version of the regular games. You can also get some premium apps free of cost from Tutu App.

How To Download TutuApp VIP For Android, iOS & PC(Windows&Mac)?

In this article, we will learn to install TutuApp on Android, iOS, and PC.



Download TutuApp For Android | Install Tutu Apk On Android:

You will have no luck finding TutuApp on Play Store. This is why we will need a workaround to install Tutu App free for Android. The installation process is easy (at least that is what we have tried to make it through this guide.

tutuapp for android - download tutuapp for android

Steps for TuTuApp Download on Android:

  1. Download the TutuApp APK file first. This file will be used for the installation purposes. TAP HERE to download this file on your Android device. We have the Tutu App Helper latest version for you.
  2. Go back to the home screen of your Android device and then go to Settings. Open Security option and from here turn the Unknown Sources option ON
  3. Now locate the APK file in the folder you have saved and tap it once to begin the installation (you will find the APK file in the Downloads or APK folder)
  4. In case you see any prompt, tap the button that will ensure the installation process continues


Wait for the installation to complete. In almost no time you will have Tutu Helper Android app on the device. Go ahead and download the third-party apps of your choice now.

Download TutuApp For iOS 11, 10.4, 10.3.3/2: Install TutuApp On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch:

Most helper apps are designed for iOS and TutuApp is no exception. If you want to get access to some top quality apps and tweaks you don’t find on Apple’s App Store, get Tutu App v.1.3 free for iOS. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iOS device and click THIS LINK
  2. Tap ‘Install’ button when you see the next screen
  3. Tap ‘Install’ on the top right corner of the screen. You should be able to see the Tutuapp profile information here
  4. Enter the Passcode for your device when prompted (if you have set any)
  5. Now you need to tap ‘Install’ on the prompt that will appear on the bottom of the screen
  6. Now tap ‘Done’ on the top right of the screen to install TutuApp iOS.


That’s it! You now have Tutu App iOS app on your device. You can use this method to get TutuApp for iOS on various devices including iPhone and iPad.

Now that the Tutuapp for iOS download is complete, you can launch it from the home screen and download the third-party apps, hacks, and tweaks of your choice.

Download TutuApp For PC:

Do you want to enjoy the third-party apps TutuApp offers on your PC? Well, there is no official desktop version of the TutuApp yet, but you can use Android emulator on your PC to use Tutu App.

Android Emulator is a software application that emulates the Android world on your PC. This is how it allows you to use all the Android apps on the computer. Since TutuApp is available on Android, we can use it on PC as well through the emulator.

There are a few Android emulators in the market. But, we will recommend you to use Nox App Player. It is easy to use, stable, and lightweight.

Here are the steps to get Nox and to install TutuApp for PC:

  1. Download Nox App Player from http://noxandroidemulator.com/.  Nox is available for both PC and Mac.
  2. Open Nox and sign in with your Google ID (create a new ID or use an existing one)
  3. Download the TutuApp English APK file by CLICKING HERE
  4. Navigate to the APK file location on your computer
  5. Drag the file and download it on the Nox App Player interface
  6. Click the proper button when you see any prompt to continue with the installation

Within a few minutes, you will have Tutu App on your PC or Mac.

Key Features Of TutuApp:

There are a few helper apps available out there. So, why go for TutuApp? Well, there are many reasons. Here are some of the key features of this incredible app:

  1. Tutuapp has a huge collection of applications and tweaks. You can find any tweaks, hacked games, free premium apps, and a lot more for both Android and iOS. There aren’t a lot of marketplaces out there with such a nice collection
  2. Tutu App is available on Android. Most of the third-party stores are designed for iOS. This is why it comes as a blessing to the Android users.
  3. It is a very easy to use the app store. The interface is very nicely designed ensuring simplicity and no clutter. You can easily find what you are looking for. Navigation is so convenient. You can also use the search box on the top to look for the apps and tweaks.
  4. It is lightweight and remains inconspicuous on your device. It does not eat the resources.
  5. TutuApp is mostly free. There is a VIP version but Tutu App free is good enough for most of the users.

Common Questions About TutuApp:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TutuApp:

  1. Do I need to Root or Jailbreak my Android/iOS device to install the app?

ANS: No! You don’t need to root or jailbreak your device. This is one of the best things about TutuApp.

  1. Is Tutuapp Legal or Safe?

ANS: The legality of the third party stores always doubted by people. But, TutuApp in itself is legal in every way. It is just an intermediary between the users and independent developers, just like BitTorrent, which is considered legal. But, all the apps listed on TutuApp may not be legal. There are some apps which are the free version of paid apps. In such cases, there could be copyright issues.  As far as the safety is concerned, Tutu App is completely safe. It does not cause any harm to your device.

  1. Is TutuApp Free?

There is two version of Tutuapp, free and paid (VIP). The free version has almost all the apps most users would need.

  1. What are the benefits if we purchase VIP version

TutuAppVIP, as the developers claim, offers faster download speed. It also has some of the advanced apps that are not found in the free version.


Not all the apps you want are available in the official app stores. For instance, the regular stores do not have any screen recording application. This is why we have to go the unofficial way. TutuApp is a marketplace for third-party applications, premium free apps, hacked games, and more. It is available on Android as well as iOS.

You can contact us, For any other info regarding Tutuapp.


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    the regular version of the tutu app on my iPhone 7 plus running ios 11 will not download and I am also not able to delete it

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      And I got the iPhone X

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    I have tutuvip and it stopped working a couple months ago. Ipaidfor this app and its not working what can you do to help?

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    I’m writing because I’m app stopped working 2days ado and i paid for it I can’t get it to work I have a ios6 plus I have at least 8 months left on my year subscription can u let me no what to do

  10. Donovan Gross
      January 29, 2018

    I need your help I wanna tutu app I have hard time get to access tutu app for short term week

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