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Latest TutuApp Apk: TutuApp is an alternative app store for the Android devices. We look up for many apps and download them from Play Store. Sometimes, we can’t find what we are looking for there. There are various utilities Play Store does not support. This is the time when third party stores like TutuApp come into the picture.

TutuApp APK features some of the best apps created by third-party developers. It also has tweaked and enhanced version of the regular apps like Instagram. You can also find hacked games as well as several paid apps for free. You can also download TutuApp For PC using TutuApp Apk file.

tutuapp for android - download tutuapp for android

How To Download TutuApp For Android?

You must have noticed that majority of the third-party app stores are designed for the iOS devices. You will be surprised to know that there are more Android users than iOS. iPhone/iPad users can follow our Tutuapp for iOS guide.

TutuApp developers definitely saw an opportunity here. This is why they have come up with TutuApp for Android version. Do you want to download TutuApp For iPhone?.

Installation Process Of Tutu Apk On Android | Download TutuApp Apk:

There are some app stores you can get on Android but you need to root the device. With TutuApp, you have to nothing of that sort. Let us learn how to install TutuApp APK on Android. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser on your Android device (any browser will do) to Download Tutuapp APK
  2. Now, download TutuApp APK latest version file (this file is hosted on our server and we have checked it for safety. You don’t need to visit any other site to get the APK file now)
  3. Once TutuApp APK download is complete, go back to the Android home screen
  4. Go to Settings and select ‘Security.’ Here you should be able to see the option ‘Unknown Sources’ (the steps here may vary across devices but usually you will find it in Security)
  5. Turn the ‘Unknown Sources’ option ON
  6. Return the to the home screen again and navigate to the folder where you have saved TutuApp APK Android.
  7. Run the APK file (tap it once) to start the installation
  8. click on install option to download tutuapp apk
  9. Press the appropriate button if you see a prompt (to allow installation)
  10. Give the process a minute or so to complete

You can return to the home screen now. TutuApp icon will be visible to you. TutuApp APK for Android is installed on your device now. Tap the icon and run the app. Explore the awesome world of incredible apps.

tutuapp apk installed on andriod

Benefits Of TutuApp Apk On Android:

After downloading TutuApp on your Android, you will enjoy many benefits. Let’s check some cool features of TutuApp.

  1. As already stated, TutaApp is host to a large number of apps you will not find on Play Store. For example, the official store does not support the screen recording applications. But, you can easily find them on TutuApp.
  2. TutuApp also has the enhanced or tweaked version of the mainstream apps. For instance, they have Instagram++ which offers many new features the regular Instagram does not have. They also have WhatsApp++ that lets you send as many pictures as you want at one go.
  3. TutuApp is very easy to use. It features a very professional looking user interface. The layout is absolutely free of clutter. Finding what you are looking for is really easy. Popular apps are featured right on the home screen. If you are looking for something specific, you can search it using the search box on the top.
  4. TutuApp is mostly free. It also has a paid version but most users would not need it. The free version has just about everything an average user will need.
  5. It is a lightweight application. It does not affect the performance of your Android device. Tutu does not use a lot of resources.


Google Play Store is the place to be if you are looking for officially available apps for Android. But, what if you need something that is not there on Play Store? In that case, TutuApp for Android is the option. This third-party app store hosts a wide range of awesome apps, utilities, tweaks, hacked games and a lot more.

You can even find many premium apps free of cost here. You will need to download TutuApp APK first to get this app on Android.

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